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Chabad-Chassidic Philosophy

presented by Rabbi Shloma Majeski

Listen (29:19)What is Chassidic Philosophy? - Part I
Listen (29:11)What is Chassidic Philosophy? - Part II
Listen (29:20)What is Chabad Chassidic Philosophy?
Listen (27:45)G-d Creates the Universe Constantly
Listen (30:02)The Deeper Meaning of 'G-d is One'
Listen (28:34)The Deeper Dimension of Arrogance; 'Yesh'
Listen (26:55)The Deeper Dimension of Negative Elements; Concealed G-dliness
Listen (29:32)Divine Providence Encompasses Absolutely Everything
Listen (28:20)Everything is in Essence Good
Listen (29:21)The 'Hidden Good'
Listen (27:35)Negative Spiritual Experiences
Listen (28:05)On Overcoming Depression
Listen (28:40)'Depression' is Negative, 'Bitterness' is Positive
Listen (29:40)The Deeper Dimension of Depression
Listen (28:00)The Highest Form of Connection to G-d
Listen (27:24)Think Good, It Will Be Good
Listen (29:45)The Deeper Dimension of Mitzvos - Part I
Listen (29:16)The Deeper Dimension of Mitzvos - Part II
Listen (29:18)The Deeper Dimension of Mitzvos - Part III
Listen (29:52)The Deeper Dimension of Mitzvos - Part IV
Listen (29:12)The Deeper Dimension of Mitzvos - Part V
Listen (30:12)Developing Love for G-d
Listen (29:13)The 'Hidden Love' in Every Jew's Heart
Listen (29:38)The Deeper Dimension of Prayer
Listen (26:53)The Spiritual Realm - Part I
Listen (29:53)The Spiritual Realm - Part II
Listen (29:55)The Four Spiritual Worlds
Listen (29:19)The Ten Sefiros
Listen (28:24)Negative Forces in the Spiritual Realm
Listen (29:45)Teshuvah Eliminates the Negative Forces
Listen (29:48)The Divine Purpose of Creation
Listen (29:59)Why the Soul Descends into the Body
Listen (26:51)The Essence of the G-dly Soul
Listen (29:27)The Intellectual Faculties: Chochmah, Binah, Daas
Listen (29:05)The Emotional Attributes of the G-dly Soul - Part I
Listen (26:56)The Emotional Attributes of the G-dly Soul - Part II
Listen (29:53)The Ten Aspects of the Animal Soul
Listen (30:07)The Purpose of the Animal Soul
Listen (28:45)The G-dly Soul - Brain; The Animal Soul - Heart
Listen (30:08)The Five Dimensions of the G-dly Soul
Listen (30:23)The Five Categories of Jews
Listen (30:01)The Complete & Incomplete Tzaddik, Complete & Incomplete Rasha
Listen (29:50)The Benoni (The Intermediate)
Listen (28:58)Souls with Greater Spiritual Capacity
Listen (29:58)General Souls
Listen (28:52)Every Soul has its Own Unique Characteristics - Part I
Listen (29:52)Every Soul has its Own Unique Characteristics - Part II
Listen (30:00)The Spiritual Significance of a Name
Listen (29:12)A Fundamental Principle of Torah
Listen (27:00)A G-dly Person
Listen (29:55)A Source of G-dly Awareness
Listen (29:58)The Significance of Miracles
Listen (29:45)Prophecy and Ruach HaKodesh
Listen (29:32)His Blessing and Prayers
Listen (28:56)His Advise and Instructions
Listen (29:44)The Different Chassidic Rebbes
Listen (30:11)The Spiritual Significance of a Holiday
Listen (30:17)Rosh Hashanah: The 'General Life-force' of the Year
Listen (29:47)Rosh Hashanah: Activating G-d's Attribute of Royalty
Listen (29:15)Yom Kippur: The Essence of the Soul Surfaces
Listen (29:00)Yom Kippur: Sin Can Be Transformed into Merits
Listen (29:41)Yom Kippur: The G-dly Spark Hidden in Sin
Listen (29:02)Sukkos: Love Your Fellow Jew
Listen (29:32)Sukkos: All Jews Share the Same Soul
Listen (29:50)Sukkos: Finding G-d in the Materialistic World
Listen (28:25)Simchas Torah: Joy - Powerhouse of Positive Energy
Listen (29:47)Chanukah: Transforming Darkness into Light
Listen (29:40)Chanukah: Pure Oil, The True Identity of Judaisim
Listen (29:24)Purim 'Fiery' Judaism vs. 'Cold' Judaism
Listen (29:50)Purim: Overcoming the Tendency to 'Doubt'
Listen (29:45)Purim: Attaining 'Unlimited' Joy
Listen (29:47)Purim: Taking Pride in Our Jewishness
Listen (29:49)Passover: Transcending Personal Limitations
Listen (29:48)Passover: If Good is Good, Isn't Better - Better
Listen (29:53)Passover: The Spiritual Significance of 'Chometz'
Listen (29:33)Passover: The Spiritual Significance of 'Matzah'
Listen (29:36)Passover: The Spiritual Significance of 'Splitting of the Sea'
Listen (29:45)Passover: The Time that G-d 'Passes' Over
Listen (30:05)The Days of the Omer: The Attributes Include Each Other - Part I
Listen (29:32)The Days of the Omer: The Attributes Include Each Other - Part II
Listen (29:47)Shavuos: Heaven and Earth Merged Together
Listen (29:38)Shavuos: The Spiritual Significance of Staying Awake
Listen (29:54)Shavuos: G-d's Presence is Invested in Torah
Listen (29:34)Shavuos: Torah is G-d's Parable
Listen (29:18)Tisha B'Av: The Spiritual Significance of the Temple
Listen (29:38)Tisha B'Av: Will be Transformed into a Holiday
Listen (30:00)Tisha B'Av: The Spiritual Significance of Moshiach
Listen (29:12)Elul: The King is in the Field
Listen (29:24)Traveling to the Rebbe with awe and joy - Part I
Listen (29:08)Traveling to the Rebbe with awe and joy - Part II
Listen (29:27)Clarifying our spiritual status
Listen (29:30)Discovering our individual spiritual path
Listen (29:43)Linking all our endeavors to our soul's mission - Part I
Listen (29:45)Linking all our endeavors to our soul's mission - Part II
Listen (28:44)Chosid & Rebbe, a dynamic unity
Listen (29:42)'Hachana': Preparing oneself for yechidus

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